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14 August Speech in English For Independence Day Of Pakistan

14 August Speech in English

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14 August Speech in English
14 August Speech in English

14 August Speech in English
14 August Speech in English

Regarded sir and my comrades! 

Our country Pakistan isn't care for different grounds of the world, which are acquired to its subjects however Pakistan is the nation, for which Muslims of Combined India served their bones as blocks and their blood as water, to set the bases for Pakistan. 

Just those can judge the genuine estimation of this limitless creation who himself has taken part in building this nation, and yielded his significant other, youngsters, sisters, siblings and all his blood relations. To accomplish this hallowed land, a huge number of Muslims met affliction. Endless youngsters were executed before their moms and loads of families were scorched inside their homes. Numerous upright ladies bounced into wells and trenches and cost their lives just to develop Pakistan. Incalculable 

youngsters got stranded and missed their folks for entire their lives. 

Valleys of Pakistan are containing congruences of the heaven. Excellent green scenes and extensive ranches are spitting the gold. We likewise observe that we are rich of each sort of opportunity and offices yet always remember that in influencing this come to valid, there is a piece of the blood of Tipu Sultan, vision of Sir Syed and considerations of Allama Iqbal, untiring battles of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and tries of numerous different associates of M. A. Jinna. Furthermore, everybody was adjusted to accomplish a solitary objective – a free and autonomous Islamic State: Pakistan. 

14 AUGUST 1947 was the promising day of Islamic history when Pakistan, the God-Gifted nation appeared. Solidarity of Muslims and devotion and healthiness of Quaid e Azam were the things that made ready of formation of this nation. Hindus and Britishers misleadingly battled, made blocks against the development of Pakistan however Alhamdolillah Pakistan must be done and It showed up on the guide of the world. Around then, there was just a single motto of 

Muslims: Le Ke Rahen Ge Pakistan, Ban Ke Rahe Ga Pakistan. 

Foes vivaciously scorned the request of Quaid e Azam for a different free land, however the request of Pakistan depended on right, reality and truth and right at long last wins. Reality, if couldn't get acclaimed at some point or another, it's anything but a reality yet in the event that it does then that the truth is a REALITY. And every single dirty goal of foes went futile before the truth of Pakistan and today Pakistan is known as one of the immense countries on the planet. 

My comrades! 
We need to love Pakistan. We appreciate the authors and the visionary and mastermind of Pakistan and we additionally petition God for saints who lost their lives in development of Pakistan. The individuals who yielded their homes and families against British rulers. They couldn't have cared less for their youngsters and acknowledged the hardships of detainment facilities. Lastly when Muslims of South East Asia got the opportunity, right won and lie surrendered. Also, the chains of servitude fallen! 

Nature has talented Pakistan with each sort of riches and gifts. We have plenitude of streams, waterways and lakes which are inundating our territories. We have able, robust and yearning Pakistani adolescents. We have best on the planet Pakistani armed force and war strategists. Wheat, cotton, oil and rice, everything is developed in Pakistan which is sent out too. Pakistan has rich storehouse of minerals, for example, salt, coal, lamp oil, gypsum and zamarud stones. Research work is in advance and Insha Allah there will be multi day when we will act naturally adequate in oil too. 

Pakistan is presently partaking in universal undertakings and willing for kinship with its neighbor nations. Pakistan is looking for exchanging and social associations with different nations. Exceptional settlements are being considered with Islamic nations; and Pakistan is anxious to construct associations with any nation that is attempting for peace and thriving. 

Pakistan trusts in peace yet at the same time it is our obligation to hold enough quality for shielding our homeland. By the finesse of ALLAH, Pakistan is a nuclear power today. May ALLAH make each additionally wanting to this nation. 


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Another 14 August Speech in English 

August 14 is the day of our independence, which means that we not only get freedom from our brutal rulers, but also freedom from shame. On this day, we got our identity and our own valve. Pakistan became a sovereign state in 1947. August 14 is the day when the efforts of our national hero are appreciated and celebrated, the day we get our reputation and respect. As Muslims, we have our values, our traditions and our religious beliefs. We Muslims celebrate this day, and we are fully satisfied and happy in an independent region and enjoy all aspects of freedom of life. Pakistan is a federal democratic parliamentary republic of Islam. Pakistan has four provinces: Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This day is a national holiday in Pakistan. A flag-raising ceremony was held throughout the country for the performance of heroes and fireworks in the capital, Islamabad. In his speech, the minister highlighted the achievements of the government and the future goals set by the father-Azzam the leader in the country to achieve "unity, faith and discipline" of its people. The first day began with a flag-raising ceremony in the capital, Islamabad, as well as in all major cities in Pakistan. March procession and exchange ceremony in the tomb of the Grand Commander.

During the holiday in this country, the Pakistani people visited national landmarks such as MINAR-e-PAKISTAN, which were used to commemorate Pakistan's independence from the British Empire. While the WAHGA-BORDER ceremony held to commemorate the "National Rest" everyone kept calm and motionless, getting a star parade.

The names of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mark Muhammad Iqbal and Sayed Ahmed Khan are written in golden letters in the history of Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, also known as the Great Leader, is the true founder of Pakistan. In his emotional sense, the sign inspires Iqbal Muslims to think and get their nationality and name in the world. Sir Said Ahmed Khan, leads Islamic countries to establish schools and colleges for Muslims so that they can understand how to meet the latest requirements of the elderly.

People sacrifice their lives for independence because they can not follow Islam independently and do not perform their religious duties properly in the Indian subcontinent. They are punished or upset when performing their religious duties. It hurts the Muslims, but because they are weak, they can not do anything. Pakistan was founded after the death of countless lives. For independent lands, many of our ancestors sacrificed their lives only for their imminent generation, and all Muslims could fulfill their religious duties with their own wishes and liberties.

As citizens of free Pakistan, we must think about the values and principles of the minds and hearts of those who are fighting and sacrificing for our freedom. They draw inspiration from the values that grew up in the country. Now we live as an independent state and enjoy all the beauty and charm of our home. As an independent country, we have a responsibility to serve the country in the best possible way. We have to wholeheartedly fight for the development of our beloved homeland and efforts, we should not forget the sacrifices of our ancestors and state leaders, to make this land become an unrestricted land of our lives. It is time to act with the blood of national heroes who are fighting for our freedom, and now is the time to make a strong commitment to the improvement of the Holy Land. We must not compromise our integrity and we will not use our freedom and integrity from other leading nations in the world. On this independent day, let us rethink our plans, actions, and results. We all pray for our pious land in the best days, we guarantee that we will not impose any harm on it, the day before the last time we breathe it, we will strive to defend it.

God bless our holy land, God bless in Pakistan! Trustworthy.

Happy Independence Day

Here is the 14 August Speech in Urdu

14 August Speech in English
14 August Speech in English

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